We will always try to do our best at representing an item to the best of our abilities. We will 

go out of our way to avoid any conflicts. They're just no fun. 

CheckMarkSmall_web.jpg (792 bytes)  This symbol signifies that this item has a 30 day limited warranty either from us or the original manufacture and will 

perform as stated in the listing text. Some NEW items may have a different manufacture warranty period. Crosley products

 for example have a 90 day manufactures warranty.

If item fails to perform as stated it may be able to be returned for repair /  replacement towards another item at our 

option. Items must have prior authorization before returning. Warranty will not cover user cosmetic damage, breakage, 

transit damage, misuse, abuse or actions out of the control of the user, seller or manufacturer such as flood, fire, lightning or 

other mishap. Items submitted for return will be shipped at buyers expense and shall be packaged for safe arrival, carrying 

full value insurance. Repairs will be handled ASAP, but due to various influences can take 30 days or longer to rectify, 

especially if parts or schematics must be obtained or due to backorder situations.
Repair and return shipping time does not 

count against the original 90 day warranty period of our in-house warranty. It will be extended to it's full 90 days adding in 

any "down time".

Items not displaying this symbol CheckMarkSmall_web.jpg (792 bytes) have the guarantee to be "as represented" at time of sale. Different manufacturers 

their warranty policies differently and we must abide by their policies. 

Either of the above warranties are to cover and be applicable only to the actual unit purchased and does not cover any

accessories used with or connected to defective unit in any way. This is to include damage caused by or related to unit in

question ie: eaten tapes, scratched records / CD's, damaged speakers, blown tubes or any other damage or destruction of

property or life.  

Once an item has been shipped it becomes the buyers property and responsibility. 

Canceling an Order prior to shipment:
A transaction can be stopped if called in before the close of business on the same

                            day the order was placed with no penalties / restocking fees and if item has not shipped.
We will promptly refund / re-route

                            your funds back to you. Beyond the close of the original order days business and / or before the item is packed or shipped,

                            there is a 10% cancellation / restock charge.

                            Your funds will be refunded, via a company check, or credit card refund in the case of credit card purchases, the full amount,

                            less the 10%. This will of course follow the time allowed for clearance of the original funds if check or similar instrument (ie: not

                            a credit card purchase) was used.  Once an item has been packed and shipped there is a 20% restocking fee as well as

                            original & return shipping charges. Packing & Shipping charges are not refundable.

                            Layaways / Hold's / Down Payments and follow up payments: Except for any additional time / custom preparation work

                            a unit required, these follow the same procedures stated above. 20% restock fee (+ any additional custom / preparation work),

                            unless funds are applied to another unit of equal or more value. The down payment can also be kept on the books as a

                            credit that you may also use in the future towards something of equal or greater value. Any amounts applicable to
                            custom / additional preparation work done to a customers specific needs are not refundable (Custom work can include,

                            but not be limited to the following: circuit modification, custom finish work, custom packing, custom parts ordering /

                            installation / building, etc.).

(Aluminum Christmas Trees, Color Wheels and Seasonal Items subject to a 30% re-sto
ck fee). Trees and Color Wheels

cannot be returned for refunds or credit after Dec 1st.  Prior to that, tree and color wheel returns subject to 30% restock fee.

Shipping is not refundable.  After Dec 1st, trees and color wheels may only be returned for defective warranty replacements and

replacement parts, on the rare occasion a part should go bad.
No Packing & Shipping charges are refundable.

Shipping Damage: Any item sustaining damage in shipping and requiring relief for the entire or partial purchase price is 

subject to the discretion of the shipping company used via the transit insurance purchased, and abiding by each shipping 

companies rules and regulations. If relief is through Oak Tree Enterprises, and not directly from the shipper to the end 

purchaser / user it is after such relief from the shipper has been issued to us (Oak Tree Enterprises).        


No returns without prior authorization.  

                          Returns will be accepted if buyer contacts us within 3 days of receipt of merchandise to inform us of the

                          problem, and that buyer will be returning item(s) for exchange / credit / refund.

                          Refunds of 'original / vintage' items, shipped from Oak Tree Enterprises, LLC warehouse currently

subject to a 20% restocking fee

                          Up to a 30% restocking fee may apply to 'Drop Shipped' items, depending on original vendors policies. (see

                         the product pages for the applicable 're-stock' fee.

There is no fee if merchandise is exchanged for another item of the same or higher value as long as the returned
                            item is still in 'As-New' / completely re-saleable as new condition
. Buyer is responsible for all insured shipping

                         charges to and from Oak Tree Enterprises, or the point of origination



Normal "SALE" items can generally be returned for exchange / repair / credit / refund.

-If an "Exchange for credit" memo should be issued, it will only be available once on an original transaction. Do not return 

any item without prior return authorization.

-Credits should be used within 90 days of issuance.  

-Although the operation or functioning condition of an item may sometimes be indicated, it is not a guarantee or warranty of 

any type unless specifically stated otherwise with this symbol CheckMarkSmall_web.jpg (792 bytes) Warranty

                           Expedited Shipping: Expedited shipping may be available on the item you desire. The options and charges can usually be ascertained at the time the order is placed. We will do all that is within our power and practical to accommodate your time frame. The vast majority of items shipped via an 'expedited' method will arrive within the time-frame indicated and are often guaranteed by the shipping company, ie; UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc. If you require and purchase expedited shipping on an item and it does not arrive by the originally indicated time, you may be able to request a refund on the 'shipping' charges portion. The 'shipper's guarantee' and 'relief / damages' extend to and are applicable only to the
actual and original shipping charges to your destination, charged through us by the shipper / shipping company.  Any expenses or charges associated with preparation, packaging, handling, 'off-day' ship surcharges, or any charges beyond the actual 'shipping' charges, charged through us by the shipper / shipping company are not refundable. Oak Tree Enterprises, LLC, nor any of it's companies, employees or agents are not responsible for any 'damages' of any sort you may incur as a result of tardy / missing / late / stolen / mis-directed packages. This includes costs you may incur for putting projects on hold, stalled photo shoots, stalled productions, key part installations etc.


Information such as "Circa" dates, original values, etc. are to the best of our knowledge. If you are critically concerned, 
you should do independent
research on your own prior to ordering or utilizing this information in any way.

20% restock fee applies to all returns for refund, except
for aluminum Christmas Trees and related accessories which
have a 30% restock fee.
See our "Warranties / Returns" page via the link below for more details.


$5 Surcharge on all orders under $20.
(except Amazon Linked Book orders)




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